Professional Conduct and Disciplinary ProceedingsGalbally Rolfe represents professionals in professional conduct and disciplinary proceedings prosecuted by the Legal Services Commissioner, Racing Appeals Tribunal, and Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, before the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Individuals prosecuted for professional conduct and disciplinary matters may have been prosecuted by the Professional body alone or the proceedings may have followed on from criminal proceedings. For example, if a Medical Practitioner is alleged to have inappropriately touched a patient and the alleged victim has reported a sexual assault, the Medical Practitioner may be charged and prosecuted for the alleged offence. In addition to that, the alleged conduct can be the basis for a complaint to AHPRA regarding the Practitioner’s suitability to practise medicine. In other circumstances, the conduct alleged may not constitute an offence, but a disciplinary infraction under the relevant legislation governing the profession of which the Accused is part.

For example, there are infractions within the legal industry for failing to properly disclose costs to a client. Unless there is an allegation of theft or fraud, this infraction will not give rise to criminal charges, but may give rise to disciplinary proceedings that may affect the ability of the person to practice in their field.

Our practice ranges from misconduct proceedings to re-licensing applications before a number of professional bodies.