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As the oldest exclusive private criminal law firm in Melbourne, Galbally Rolfe is one of the best and most highly respected criminal law firms in Victoria. Practising exclusively in criminal defence law since 1976, our experienced and dedicated team of criminal defence lawyers appear in all criminal jurisdictions in Australia, regularly conducting serious and complex criminal matters as well as summary and traffic matters. In our 40 year history, our criminal defence firm has acted in some of the most prominent criminal trials and has assisted and defended countless individuals charged with criminal offences. It is our belief that every person is entitled to legal representation and a vigorous defence of their rights.


We invite all prospective clients to contact our office to arrange an appointment with an experienced criminal lawyer at our Melbourne office to discuss their pending matters. Kindly note that, in accordance with our professional obligations, we do not give legal advice over the phone unless you or someone close to you is currently under arrest and in the custody of law enforcement. In that case, please contact our office as a matter or urgency on 03 9670 8771.


Our service also operates after hours as an emergency service for those who have been arrested and taken into custody. If your matter is not urgent, please contact our office during business hours (9am – 5pm) and make an appointment to see one of our solicitors.


As a private law firm, we do not conduct any legal aid work or accept legal aid referrals. If you require a legal aid grant in relation to your matter, we suggest that you contact the Law Institute of Victoria Referral Line for a referral to a legal aid practitioner.


For more information on the kinds of criminal matters we manage and for information on the criminal law, please go to our ‘Legal Information & Our Services’ section and our Blog for the latest criminal law developments and analysis. Alternatively, please contact our office.


Criminal Defence Lawyers


Level 8, College House
552 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne VIC 3000


Tel: 03 9670 8771
Fax: 03 9670 1594



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